Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pay Phone

Inlet NY

Technology can be our best friend, 
and ... the biggest party pooper of our lives.
- Steven Spielberg

Shared for  Thematic Photographic 369 - Feeling Nostalgic,
hosted by Carmi of Written, Inc


  1. We still have a phone box and a pay phone in our village. I haven't seen it in use for years - it costs an arm and a leg anyway. Guess it's handy for people to call for a taxi when the nearby pub closes at night.

  2. These were popular back in my telephone working days. Seldom see anymore. Tech is taking over the world.

  3. When I was a Brownie (Brownie Guide) we used to have to carry two pennies (old ones, of course) so we could make a phone call in an emergency. But we had big red phone boxes!

  4. All of the pay phones in our town have gone, except a couple which are free wi-fi spots!