Monday, September 23, 2019

Annual Osage-Orange Road Trip

Annual Osage-Orange Road Trip

Come and pick me up.
Come and pick me up.
At the breakfast table in the Bistro Room Joan brought up our annual trek for osage-oranges and rose hips. Since the weather report was favorable we decided to go for it.
We drove to Aurora and our favorite osage orange tree. The culvert adjacent to shoulder of Rt. 90 was plentiful with oranges and many more were strewn on the lawn under the tree. With this year’s bountiful crop we filled a half a dozen Wegmans bags.
Osage-Orange Tree Aurora NY
We continued south on Rt. 90 and turned down the road to Long Point State Park. Pulling pass the gatehouse we parked and proceeded to gather rose hips. We stopped at one Kinneys bag full since the overgrown berries branches were inflicting scratches.
Heading back to Aurora we stopped to observe a raft of a 1000 Canada Geese on Seneca Lake. We then drove east on to Poplar Ridge Road (County Rt. 43A) and turned left at the Hazard Library in Poplar Ridge. Just north of Scipio on to Rt. 34B we parked next to our other favorite osage-orange tree. As usual the crop here was not as bountiful as the Aurora stop.
Osage-Orange Tree Scipio NY
Since there are plenty of osage-oranges left on both trees foragers should have success for the next several days.

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